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This site provides introductory information about the Tidal Model and how different groups of people might use the Tidal Model to further develop or enhance their efforts to help others. Read the latest news in our latest Tidal Newsletters

The Tidal Model is:

bulletThe first mental health recovery model developed conjointly by mental health nurses and people who have used mental health services
bulletThe first recovery-focused model of mental health nursing recognised internationally as a significant mid-range theory of nursing.
bulletThe first model of mental health nursing to be used as the basis for interdisciplinary mental health care.
bulletThe first model to focus beginning the recovery journey when the person is at their lowest ebb

The Tidal Model  is a philosophical approach to the discovery of mental health. By philosophical we mean, a way of thinking about how people might reclaim their personal story, as a first step towards recovering their lives.

The Tidal Model is an approach to recovery. It is not a rigid system. Each of the many Tidal projects across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada, are  exploring different ways that people can discover their mental health, in a personally, socially and culturally meaningful way. 

The Tidal Model is one of the few recovery models to have been evaluated rigorously across different settings, in different cultures.

The Tidal Model's main focus is on helping individual people, make their own voyage of discovery. In that sense, the only real 'evidence' of usefulness, is what happens - or is 'discovered' - for the individual person.

Everyone faces serious challenges, at some stage point in their lives. The Tidal Model is focused on helping people decide what needs to be done, now, to help address their present difficulties, and so continue living as full and meaningful a life as possible.

Ultimately, however, the Tidal Model does not - indeed cannot - make a difference in people's lives. Only the help of other people, working with the person, might make a difference for that person. This is the fundamental law of human helping. 

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Prof Tom Mason We are greatly saddened to report the death of one of our most esteemed friends and colleagues, Dr Tom Mason, Professor of Mental Health and Learning Disability Nursing and Head of Department at the University of Chester, England.

Click here for an appreciation of Tom's life written by his wife, Elizabeth Mason Whitehead.

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This is the official internet site for the Tidal Model. Here you can learn more about the Tidal Model from Dr Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker, and their many colleagues involved in its international development and delivery.

Are you interested in hosting a Tidal Model Workshop in your area?

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